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ASRock z170 MOCF lives on Coffee Lake Mods

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5 hours ago, Synth Wave said:

Any chance of R0/9900ks for Z170 OC Formula Bios?

Hello Synth Wave, i've updated with U.B.U. (UEFI BIOS Updater) a previously modded BIOS by Lost_N_BIOS of WinRAID that i personally thanks:


The update includes:


BIOS download:




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Hey there I got an 8700K in my z170 OCF here (full atx version). And ofc mod bios etc.


Just wondering what is the optimum LLC level setting? And also if i need to tweak the SA voltage a little etc. Can anybody else here share their overclocking settings? Or if you have used / found a specific overclocking guide really useful on this board. That would also / alternatively be really helpful too. Many thanks.


Currently I have set my 8700K to 4.7ghz @ 1.30v and can't remember the LLC setting. It seems ok / stable ATM. Another question I have is: should I bother de-lidding it? I guess I should overclock first and see where it sits in regards to temps. However being on linux there really are not the same wealth of overclocking / benchmarking tools with which to check and see. Although my sensors are working, which is handy.

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