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ASRock z170 MOCF lives on Coffee Lake Mods

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On 3/31/2021 at 9:18 AM, coolbudgies said:

Sorry to bring up this old post, but what parameters from CoffeeTime did you use to get the 9900k working on the ASRock K4/D3 Z170 board? I recently acquired one of these boards, and while I've gotten it stable at 4.7 GHz (1.34 V) and RAM to 2000 MHz (1.60 V), the iGPU won't work at all, even when not OC'd. Not a major issue as I mostly use my GTX 1080, but want to determine if I missed something in the patches.

ME 11.70.1229 CON (enabled)
GOP 9.0.1107 OROM
Microcodes: 906EA-DE, 906EA-DE, 906EB-DE, 906E9-DE, 506E3-DC
Patches: PCIe x16, SKU hack, Sync cores, Init 8+ CPUs, ACPI tables
Fixes: PCIe 1440, NVMe fix, FD locks
Other: RAM 128Gb support, HEX to DEC CPU count
NVRAM: HT (on)

I just ran the tool and selected the correct core stepping for my cpu

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