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Open Benchtable v1.1 Evolution Thread


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In this blog post we want to introduce you to the Open Benchtable v1.1. The evolution an updated and upgraded version of the successful Open Benchtable launched almost two years ago. This upgraded version features the unified support bracket, unified rubber feets and a Kensington Security Slot.

It’s been quite a ride since we introduced the Open Benchtable project on March 24, 2016, as a joined effort from HWBOT, Overclocking-TV and Streacom. Since the first announcement, the response from you, the enthusiast community, has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to your support the project has exceeded our expectations greatly.

We also received great feedback in terms of the functionality the table offers. That feedback has been a key factor in bringing useful accessories and related products to market. Without your feedback, there would not be a 3D printable stand to use the OBT vertically (which apparently helps Linus Tech Tips avoid dropping things). There would also be no Open Benchtable Mini had folks at SFF-Forum not advocated for it so vigorously. And had we not all been losing a screw or two,  there would be no Screw Kit.

Source : OpenBenchtable.com Blog

Feel free to discuss the details in this thread !

Cheers !

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