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[FS] Strong 8700K's sale !


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Up for sale 2 cpu's i tested in my weekend. Best 2 pieces of 30 so if you have any problem with prices just try binning on your own and enjoy the feeling of burning money

#1. Best piece , vid 1.104 tested delidded with regular grizzly and normal 25 ambient. Volts set in turbovcore, llc level6. 5000/4500 1.13V   5300/5000 1.29V  5400/5000 1.38V cinebench runs, there is room for 5500 but liquid metal and german-style ambient is needed. Imc is top notch as well with 4133 49-50-6-6 rtl booting and stable. Should be 6850+ cinebench cpu, will let future owner discover limit and have fun. 






#2 Second best pice, vid 1.104, similary tested as first one does 5300 1.34V set in bios. More can be achieved but temps are limiting factor in my scenario. Top notch imc as well, overall a waay better than average cpu.




#1 600E

#2 450E


Prices include shipping in Europe and will be done with paypal with buyer taking care of tax or sending as friends. Not interested in trades for sure. Cpu's come delidded and tray but seen as box with valid warranty so rma should be no problem.


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