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Gtx 780 Classy reborn

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  • I just bought a GTX 780 classified that was supposedly broken on ebay. I paid $60 and I planned on using it for a homemade epower. Seller stated PLL light was out which means that PLL vrm isn't functioning. PLL is a rather low volt and current vrm most cards are 1-1.25v at less than 5a. I figured I would try to put a little ebay 3a dc-dc buck converter I had for other zombie projects to power the PLL. If that failed then I would cut it in half and have an epower. When I got the card I noticed 3 missing smd caps and one resistor. I figured the caps didn't really matter but checked on Techpowerup hi-res picture for resistor size. It happened to be 0 ohm. I just used a small piece of copper wire and soldered it in. Then tested it out and it fired right up. I ran a few stress tests and oced a little. I can get 1350mhz @ 1.2v
    So is it worth keeping whole or just cut it up for epower??


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Keep whole and OC to the max :)

I had the same thing happen to me recently, bought a Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme Gaming for epowering, it had a short on some little vrm (that i still dont know what it was good for) after i removed one of the FETs it worked fine and is my daily driver now (with a 10 phase VRM instead of a 12 because 2 of the main phases are also dead)...

I guess there could be worse surprises than finding out the broken card you bought works :D

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