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[FS] Autocascade


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For sale is Autocascade, which I made couple years ago. It's still working, charged with CO2 and holds around -65C @ 260W. Due to problems with captube clogging by CO2 (it's CO2 issue, not a cooler issue, I haven't had access to Ethylenne couple years ago), I can offer this cooler rebuilded (charged with Ethylenne and R600A with new suction line and new evap). I think after that modification it would be able to hold 300W load at -90C area.

19k btu comp with 1kw power consumption and size of the single stage (it's only taller). Expansion tank and plate heat exchanger between stages.

Anybody interested? I'm looking for 1200 euro for rebuilded cooler + shipping. Shipping also is a big advantage, because it can be shipped as 70kg package within EU (around 70-90 euro cost).

It will be available for around a month. Then I'm going to return the Ethylenne bottle and it won't be possible to buy it rebuilded.



And some pictures from build:




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This is an autocascade , that mean use an Single compressor to cobdensate and evaporate a refrigerant mix ..hydrocarbors. 

It is very hard to condensate proper an r1150 gas in autocascade to give you an -100 evaporating temp boost.... that mean in slhx you need to hold 2 times heat that you target on evaporating temp on the evaporator head. For -90 at 300w you need 600w at -35 -40 on the hx...witch i'm dubt that compressor can.

I think 200w at -85 is more realistisch. 

For 300w at -90 you need Dedicated r404a r507 Stage to condensate proper r1150 and able to hold load 300w+ we speak already about 2 stage cascade.

Sorry for input but..need to be more realistic wgen we speak so easy about those watt Heat ?

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wow very nice stuf/realisation.  evap made by ? an old piotre ?

You are in which  country ?

Can have more spec about the CP ?

the rebuild is already charged ?

Possible for a litle modification ? : remove the air condenseur for a plate exchange for the purpose to be WC.


can be run for H24 ?

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