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bolc - GMA 3100 (G31, G33, Q35, Q33) - 30093 marks Aquamark

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oh man, it is about the right fsb and ram coefficient. i tried a bunch of different cpu on the same board to have various fsb and ram. I guess the chipset timings when available are important too

here is for instance a case where I can t figure out why he is scoring better than I do whikle my fsb, cpu frequency and ram frequency are higher or equal but the ram coefficient is different...


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another "strange" thing: how can the GFX and CPU scores be much lower in his case while C1-c9 scores are about the same as me, and yet the aquamark score is higher than mine? I dont know how the CPU and GFX scores are calculated.... but I guess the overall score is based on the C1-C9 average fps




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