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g.skill TridentX ddr3 2400mhz cl9 overclock guesstimate

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hi guys.

i have this kit g.skill kit F3-2400C9D-8GTXD  4x4gb 9-11-11-31-2N 1.65v and i want to try some extreme cooling with a peltier.

will be possible to achieve 2400mhz cl8 or cl7 with this kit with temps (if achievable) around -20/-30°C ?

i know that the imc plays a big role,but still curious,probably will try to cool the cpu with  a peltier too because it's a low tdp cpu 65w,when overclocked won't go over 90/100w.

also what power consumption this ram kit can have with let's say 1.7/1.75v?this info will help me to choose the peltier.




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broadwell-c i7 5775c z97

don't let the name fool you,it's a beast of a cpu,it boots with ram at 2933,but since the cpu is a bit special it will reduce the pcie lanes at that speed to something 2x 2.0 i don't remember correctly.

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no no,you didn't understand,i don't want to go over 2400mhz since this cpu has issues,it reduces the pcie lanes,laptop chip made it on z97 :)

i'm interested for 2400mhz cl8/cl7,i simply want to know if this kit can do that at -20/-30ºC hopefully not going over 1.75v, based on someone's opinion that did overclock this type of memory on extreme cooling.

yes the kit has samsung memory,i looked at the serial number.

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but at least can you give me guesstimate % of success based on experience or saw somewhere or similarity with other kits.

found this but are 2gb sticks http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/news/cpu/g-skill-breaks-the-overclocking-world-record-on-the-intel-lga-1155-platform/

i don't want to go so low on timings, hoping for 8-10-10-28 1t or 7-10-10-25 1t

thanks for reply

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i'm aiming for daily or benching for a couple of hours,insulation is not a problem,i have several plans how to deal with it.

what i need to know is a guesstimate this ram kit can do at -30ºC and what tdp will have at 1.7/1.75v in total for 4 sticks.the tdp is important to know,i will choose the peltier based on that,maybe -60ºC could be achievable,but i need to know the tdp,approximation.


so i looked around the forum and saw some results.from what i saw in my case  2400mhz in theory could do cl 8-11-10-28 cr-1t or cl 8-10-10-25 cr-1t hoping for tRFC around 150 from current 195.then the secondary and tertiary will look for a guide,will try to lower by one and so on.

the problem is that i don't know the tdp,i think around 10w per stick for a total 40/50w for 1.7/1.75v

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