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[FS-EU] Hyper 1866c7 Corsair pretested


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For Sale! only shipping in EU. Prices are negotiable!

3x2 GB 1866c7 75€ OR 2x2 GB 1866c7 45€
Selling a triple kit of 1866c7 Corsair Hypers. These sticks are from two different kits; one stick is an older "best stick of a kit" I am fine without, the other two are the living sticks from an average kit (third stick was DOA, can include it for collection value if you want). These struggle at higher frequency as far as I can tell, since I couldn't manage to complete a run of 32M at 1050 7-7-6 at any voltage, nor 1100 7-8-7. The 0936 stick is stronger (1000 6-7-5 1.95V; 1090 7-7-6 1.85V) and has no such scaling issues.
32M 1000 6-7-5-20 2.0V
32M 1000 7-7-6-20 1.68V
32M 1050 7-7-6-20 1.85V
32M 927 6-6-6-18 1.95V not minimized, just checking max freq 6-6-6-18 32M
8M 841 5-6-4-20 2.05V not minimized, just checking max freq 5-6-4 8M
1M 1052 6-7-6-20 2.05V
1M 1188 7-8-6-22 2.0V
Valid 1272 8-9-8 1.9V 


I'd not mind keeping the stronger of the 3, but if someone needs a triple kit I'll let go of the entire set. Prices as listed above.



PTCA-01 775 to 478 Adapter 80€  sold
never used, new in packaging. Had picked this up a while ago but never ended up doing anything with it. Maybe someone has a use for it. 

4x2GB 2000c8 Corsair Dominator GT 60€ 
During quick pifast pretesting these sticks were disqualified from further testing, so I'm selling them here.

First stick, taken from a triple kit, has quite high voltage tolerance as it seems, didn't try over 2.16V. 
Second and third stick aren't great, but are behaving pretty much identically. Genuine dual kit.
Last stick is from a DOA triple kit; I managed to resurrect it a while ago by flashing SR SPD, but on x58 it doesn't post at all anymore, on x38 it gets into windows but bluescreens nearly instantly. Another stick from this kit I managed resurrecting is capable of 1090 6-7-6-20 trfc 60 1T  2.04V pifast, so maybe someone else is able to resurrect it.

price is negotiable, but I won't sell sticks individually. Can take some screenshots if requested.

binning data


Triple kit of 2000c8 Kingston HyperX Elpida Hyper 50€ Edit: Sold
Tested for 950 6-7-5 1.875V on x58a-oc 
Sadly didn't have a strong IMC on hand for higher clock testing. 



Elpida DDR3 Rejects 35€
3x1 GB BDBG Kingston 1866c9
2x2 GB Gskill Trident 2000c9 - not sure what these are, but according to the serial Elpida. No white stripes on the ICs. I couldn't get them to run at spec, but this might have been a platform issue (x58)
2x2 GB OEM BBSE, 2000 6-9-6 not possible at 1.8V, no further testing done.
3x1 GB OEM BBSE - it has been a while since I tested this stick but I think it was similar to the Kingston BDBG. can't guarantee anything. The 2 sticks in the original packaging manage trcd 8 up to ~2040 and did 2600c8 in my quick testing. Can add firm numbers on Monday.
1x2 GB Adata XPG BBSE of unknown bin. 2000 6-9-6 impossible on my test platform (x58), KO-8155A PCB



Stuff thats either no longer for sale or sold:

x58a-oc: 200€ + shipping sold to sale_quiche

DFI x58 DK-T3eH6 with bad BIOS 60€ + shipping

Corsair Dominator GT v7.1 PSC 3x2 GB kit + cooler, 30€+shipping: sold to Jokot

Gigabyte 890fxa-ud7 + 2xAthlon II x2 250 + Athlon II x3 460, 65€+shipping for the combo 50€ for the board: sold to subaruwrc

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R 75€ + shipping If not sold by Oct. 15 I'll simply put it on ebay.

Rampage IV Formula, working 150 140€ + shipping Selling elsewhere

2x2 GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000c8 + 1x2 GB Kingston HyperX 2000c8 Elpida Hyper. 35€ + 20€ sold to Gunzi
Tested on x58a-oc and could manage 2000 7-7-6 at 1.7V on the corsairs, 1.68V for the Kingston. 

x58 xeons:

CPUs are only tested for max validatable bclk under air on a Rampage II Extreme capable of 273+; the E5606's can certainly come in handy for basic board testing (settings will be shared off course). I'll basically throw in the W3520s with the E5606s as they go out (if), I don't have a use for them.


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update on stuff I have for sale
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4 hours ago, AutisticChris said:

PSC shipping costs to US?

I'll have to check with the Post office, but I think I should be able to send that as a large Letter, which would be another 3.70€; if someone with past experience can chime in if this is realistic please do! Not sure if I can include the cooler then though... 

Edit: Sorry, Jokot was faster actually claiming it ;)

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Hyper doesn't need that. The corsairs do 2000 7-7-6 at 1.7V (worse then my old tests, maybe a board or ambient temparature issue). I have had other sticks with Hyper do up to ~2400 7-8-6 at high voltage (>2V), but they are usually shine on memory clock limited platforms at with 2000+ 6-7-6 (haven't tested this since initial tests showed that they were worse then my best sticks anyways), ~2200 7-7-6 (don't think these can do that, but 7-8-6 should be easy even at safe volts). I can do some more quick tests in the upcoming days.

Since they did worse then I thought they were I'm reducing the price to 35€ for the Dom GTs.


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