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Asus Maximus IX Apex and Coffee Lake Cpu's !

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As you could see already  coffe lake cpu 's can run on the Asus Maximus IX Apex motherboard. 


Full steps required for making this happen : 


#1 Hardware mod



Do the following modifications :

Short the following pads in order to flash the bios file : 



Solder the following points:




#2 Bios flash


Download bios file from here:



EDIT 16/10/2018


BIOS 0094 Added support for future processors




Rename it as creative.rom , copy it on a fat32 formatted drive  and flash it using USB Flashback method.




Do the bios flash after hardware mods are done  !!! Soldering cpu pads is not needed  . 


Known issue is that HT does not work currently on 6c cpu's hence it is disabled by default. After everything is set-up board will work with cofee lake based cpu's as well as with older cpu's without issue.


Have fun !


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3 hours ago, Alex@ro said:

Everything should work as expected except HT on 6C cpu's 

I've removed and did again the mod but same problem.. with 7700k it's working perfectly. I'll try bios reflash and another 8700k then I'm out of idea.

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