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Duplicity - Core i7 6820HK @ 4270MHz - 1444 marks XTU

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***Full Laptop Configuration*** I7-6820HK -2.7Ghz base -3.6Ghz turbo -Stable overclock @ 4.2Ghz -Pasted with Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut liquid metal Dual Nvidia GTX 1070s in SLI -Base 1443Mhz -Boost 1645Mhz -1.062v coreclock curve @ 2000Mhz -Pasted with Cooler Master thermal compound 32GB HyperX Impact Ram -XMP Profile @ 2400Mhz -Stable overclock @ 2800Mhz -Heatspreaders and .5 mm thermal pads added for additional cooling Dual 256GB Samsung PM961 PCIe SSDs in Raid 0 -Heatspreaders and .5 mm thermal pads added for additional cooling 2.5" 480GB HyperX Savage SSD + M.2 500GB Crucial SSD in Raid 0 -Heatspreaders and .5mm thermal pads added for additional cooling Hitachi BD-RE 18.4" IPS Laptop Display -Default 60Hz -Stable overclock @ 100Hz Dual Packed Pixels 9.7" Retina Wing Displays 64GB HyperX Savage USB -Emergency Windows Installaion -Utility Software packages Razer Firefly -RGB -Hard Edition 2015 Razer Orochi -RGB -500Hz polling via Bluetooth -1000Hz polling via USB MSI Immerse GH10 Earbuds -Detachable boom mic Killer Networking -Killer Wifi -Killer Ethernet -Killer Doubleshot Pro

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