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Air cooling etiquette

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So I have been doing some air cooled overclocking as of late and I was just wondering how far would be considered fair for air cooled overclocking.  I really do enjoy going for that first place on air but I don't want to do something someone would consider cheating.  What kind of incoming air temperature reducing devices and techniques would be considered illegal? I know if you lived at the poles you would have a definite advantage as far as air temps go so I already don't consider air conditioning blowing at the computer to really be cheating but what about something more extreme?  Where do we draw the line?

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OK, ill just say if the temperature can/has exist(ed) on earth and the working fluid is still in a gaseous state then we're cool :P I'm so booking a trip to Antarctica during the winter.

I wonder what the temperature on Earth would be during a nuclear winter...

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