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Hwbot home page bugs and issues

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Hi guys, all of us following Hwbot for a long time and I can say this site is one part of our life, we saw too many success, records, news, honor and more. also this site help us to educating and the most important part of HWbot for me and some guys like me is "help to make too many friends from around the world". unfortunately around 1 year, Hwbot is not like past and after last update everything is sloppy. just look at home page, news, links was not updated for a while!

its not just a simple website for us, its a part of our life, even here we know somebody past away :( and all of us miss them. please do something for this community or let us know whats happening here... :(


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We are now with just one programmer, one mod and one person that maintains the DBase... no newswriters, no forum admin,...

We will have to open vacancies, issue is there's not much time to train the new crew;

Last but not least this is all done without any payment or other compensations...

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why do you think that Nik? Some people already volunteered so I hope to have 2 moderators operational in the next month or so. I hope Frederik can resolve/fix some annoying bugs like the links that don't work, etc

Biggest issue is I have not enough knowledge of the ultra old stuff or the brand new 3D stuff on LN2 so we need a few experts that can keep an eye on eg. the LOD used subs in Timespy or such benchmarks...

It is like with any club or such, volunteers keep the boat afloat, if you loose those than it will be over and done...

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