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Hey, no not tried cl5 on am3....I have on other intel platforms, for me cl5 was not faster and was little more stressful. There been all sorts of tricks I've seen over the years cl5 and twcl8, it can look good but not efficient. On haswell I've compared cl6-twcl6 vs cl5-twcl6 at 2800mhz and was very close to the same times


next time I have ln2 and run am3 with ln2 memory I try it and post up, never know amd might like it lol

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Did some cold memory messing on both Hypers and PSC on Thuban:



I didn't take the CPU cold for the Hypers run as I was running out of LN2 but on PSC I noticed a big IMC degradation from ambient to fullpot - while CPU-NB flies (I passed 5.1 GHz SP1M!), RAM MHz went from 1,100 6-8-6 to more like 1,025 6-8-6. Has anyone else seen this too?

BTW, both of these kits are really bad. I would imagine that more is possible on both ICs but what's the point if stability goes down so much at fullpot? 🤔 Maybe 5-7-5 is the answer on PSC. I am waiting for better copper spreaders, bad heat transfer currently doesn't allow me to go as cold as I want to.

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