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The official AMD 'Eyes On The Prize' Target Challenge thread.


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It turns out that I've been stressing out for no reason, for the last 3 days I have been trying to get my ISP to fix the damn internet problem, and when it does actually go up again, it turns out that I barely even reached 3/4ths of the expected DX11 score... I guess all the other stages lowered my expectations for a "overclocker contest". Hahaha.

Then again, I guess I never did have a chance. I found this site near the middle of stage 3, so next time I'll try to keep my eyes open for stage 1... plus I bet the MSI-only advantage would of helped me through stages 1-3.


I guess I'll have to buy another 6850 Cyclone with my own money.


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but u have to find out the perfect clocks for cpu, gpu and mem :D

for example: for stage 1, 2 and 3 i had to use amd gpu clock tool, because with msi afterburner i didnt get under 600/800 clocks.


i hope there will be any competition like that with cpu as well ^^

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Summary of AMD 'Eyes On The Prize' Target Challenge


Overclockers who hit target in ...


... stage 1:

  • * Nickolaos (Hellas Overclocking Team)
    * Shrekogre (Team Merlion)
    * zoro (Hellas Overclocking Team)
    * johnamd (chios overclockers.gr)
    * Drucchi (O.T.H Overclock Team Holland )
    * BigTerminator (OC Forums)
    * Jounde (Team Finland)
    * Vaykir (PC Games Hardware)
    * LapinouX (no team)
    * Bullus (HighFlow.eu OC Team)
    * G.Foyle (XtremeSystems)


... stage 2:

  • * g10 (Hellas Overclocking Team)
    * Vaykir (PC Games Hardware)


... stage 3:

  • * Shrekogre (Team Merlion)
    * Vaykir (PC Games Hardware)
    * zoro (Hellas Overclocking Team)
    * louislkw (Team Merlion)
    * Diabolique (PCAxe)


... stage 4:

  • * zoro (Hellas Overclocking Team)



Number of "tickets" in the 6970-Lightning-pot:


3x zoro (Hellas Overclocking Team)

3x Vaykir (PC Games Hardware)

2x Shrekogre (Team Merlion)

1x Nickolaos (Hellas Overclocking Team)

1x johnamd (chios overclockers.gr)

1x Drucchi (O.T.H Overclock Team Holland )

1x BigTerminator (OC Forums)

1x Jounde (Team Finland)

1x LapinouX (no team)

1x Bullus (HighFlow.eu OC Team)

1x G.Foyle (XtremeSystems)louislkw (Team Merlion)

1x Diabolique (PCAxe)

1x louislkw (Team Merlion)

1x g10 (Hellas Overclocking Team)



13 participants with valid scores over all.


Chance to win:

3 tickets: 15,789%

2 tickets: 10,526%

1 ticket: 5,263%

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i don't think we get 3 tickets, but 2 because we are stage winners and 1 ticket is for the stage ;)

4 tickets are excluded from the lottery ;)

but lets wait for Massman to write the official announcement :)

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