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PCMark04 ver.130 build 1.0.0 the version where there is a choice of process priority real time allowed or not ?


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Sorry my English.
This is Google translate. 

I read this topic  , where it was said that the use of version 130 build 1.0.0 is allowed, in which you can set the priority of the process in real time. 
But the fact is that the use of real - time priority increases the result in the first three tests (Multithreaded test 1, Multithreaded test 2, Multithreaded test 3) almost twice and thus greatly differ the overall result from those who use build 1.1.0-1.3.0. 
And this applies only to processors with one core. To get a high result on a processor with one core but two threads you need to disable HT.
I had to create this topic earlier before posting the results, but what's done is done.
Let's decide whether it is possible to use the build version 1.0.0, if not then I will have to redo all the results of 754 socket , 939 socket and 478 socket.     
Perhaps those that I have posted with real time you can edit and disable them credit of points , they will as an example to calculate who will also use the 1.0.0 build.
For example, the result of which I have not yet laid out.

My old result

Intel Celeron D 335 (2.80GHz, s478)_Speed__3708MHz__-__build_1.0.0__-__real-time_priority_=_6105_Marks

My result at higher frequency, which has not yet been posted. Speed 4557MHz - build 1.0.0 - real-time priority = 8189 Marks


Speed 4557MHz - build 1.0.0 - high or normal priority = 6021 Marks


If you need to write a list of my results where I used the 1.0.0 build .  so as not to waste time looking for them in my profile.

The file of the version of the program I used can also be found here.

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