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FS:EU: s939 DFI + OCZ tccd + golden Opteron 146 (updated)


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Dear all,

i let my DFI NF4 Infinity go along with a kit of 2x512 OCZ PC3200 2-2-2-5 Rev2 Platinum, known tccd/tcc5 kit. it was able to boot nearly 600 cl3, did not checked deeply, i prefer my bh5 kit instead. the board can provide 1.85vcore, 1.7vnb, 3.2vdimm max, what should be enough for some fun :) board is not insulated, since i benched it only 2 times, papertowel did all the job fine.
my results with it: http://hwbot.org/submission/3942715_ , http://hwbot.org/submission/3941988_



Edit. I decided to make it more interesting, i add to the bundle my golden Opteron 146, it does 3ghz aircooled 32M at vid (1.392v)!!!! Screenshot below.
The sad part is, like most such chips has coldbug about 0 celsius. I did not maxed it out, 3400mhz was bootable, i leave the fun for the new owner.



everything tested to be working, this is a private sale no returns or warranty.
asking 110 EUR shipped as bundle.

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Thanks brother :) ah i know those are incredible rare nowdays, i bought everything 939 related on ebay in the past month, it costed over 400 eur lol. Good old hw is more and more expensive with time.

According to the sale i forgot to mention i have all the invoices from the previous sellers. 

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