The online qualifier is open to all HWBOT members and will be hosted on OC-ESPORTS by HWBOT from October 15th to November 17th. The contest will involve the following stages:   Contest Stages: Stage 1: SuperPI 32m (GPU any Galax videocard) Stage 2: Memory Frequency (GPU any Galax video card) Stage 3: GPUPI-1B version 3.2 or below Stage 4: 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme, FULL RUN Stage 5: 3DMark TimeSpy, FULL RUN To enter the competition, simply submit your best benchmark scores on the contest page. The twelve contestants with the highest overall points will each win a ticket to the GALAX GOC 2018 Grand Final live event in China ( date to be confirmed) Note: In case of an overall tie, 3DMark Time spy is the first tie-breaker followed by Memory Frequency. Points Calculation for each Benchmark: The top score to the lowest score will receive 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28 and so on Five benchmarks total = 250 points   General Rules   Timespy Version 2.6.6174 or newer of ULk & SystemInfo 5.13 or newer released on or after Oct 12, 2018 Any VGA drivers released on or after Oct 11, 2018 System Hardware Monitoring must be enabled for all 3D benchmarks Bios must be officially available to public. No special bios is allowed Screenshot must be made with GOC wallpaper, GPUz, CPUz, Memory, SPD tabs  (for GPUPÏ and TS(E) scores include GPUz sensor plz) Any brands of motherboard are allowed Retail hardware only. No engineering samples allowed Official receipt of Galax HOF OC Lab 2080ti and Galax HOF OC Lab DDR4 4600 CL19 purchases must be submitted to HWbot upon request All benchmark scores must be validated & confirmed by HWBOT Basic contest rules will follow that of the HWbot’s Standard Competition Rules Galax staff are not allowed to join this competition use Competition background     Hardware Restrictions   Galax HOF OC Lab Edition 2080ti, single card only for GPUPi benchmark and 3D Timespy (Extreme) Any other Galax videocard is allowed for SuperPi32m and memory frequency stage Galax HOF OC Lab Edition DDR4 4600 CL 19 only Intel Z370, Z270 or Z170 Platform only CPU Intel 8086K or below CPU and Uncore Freq. will be limited to 6GHz +/-10MHz No limits on VGA /System Memory clocks No limits on VGA or Memory cooling
  You can learn more details about the rules and restrictions here on the OC-ESPORTS contest page:!/round/galax_goc18_qualifier or