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ShaggySVK - A8-3800 @ 6718MHz - 54sec 570ms GPUPI for CPU - 100M


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So there's this bug with locked FM1 chips where if you set a higher multi than they allow the chip still accepts it and loads it into the appropriate register, it just ignores it and runs at the multi *it* wants. CPU-Z, bios etc report the multi the chip is being told to run. I'm not sure what the 'real' max multi is for the 3800 but this definitely isn't really running 6.7

However the benchmark here isn't cpu speed so the result, before anyone starts wondering, is fine.

If it can be worked out what speed the CPU was really running, the hardware info should probably be updated with the correct speed.

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we have figured out, the bug is just showing max x47 multi instead of x27 but CPU still works on x27. found out after the benching, so couldn't really do much at that point.  Like Tagg mentioned correct frequency is 3861MHz. 

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