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ground1556 - Rampage II Extreme @ 280MHz - 279.99 MHz Reference Frequency


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Pretty sure @Jokot has a better one, might send him one of the CPUs I ran the next couple weeks to do more testing. The x58a-oc I have on hand currently is a little worse at ambient, but can boot significantly higher PCIe clocks as well as more BCLK. I suspect thats the only reason it got further then the Rampage II here. Not sure when I'll get around more testing. Need more boards to compare :P

Other scores from that session:

E5640 - 863 cb (R15); highest quad core score on the platform. Limited by time, CPU wasn't maxed out sadly
E5640 - 5836.16 MHz - limited by board and CPU not playing well if upping BCLK in OS. x58a-oc got wet before I could go for a max frequency run there.
E5649 - 1251 cb (R15); highest non-LN2'ed six core score on the platform. Limited by the board and CPU-z bugging out. CPU does 280 BCLK on Dice, so with the right board more is certainly possible.
x58a-oc - 287.22 MHz - CPU, me or board limited, not quite sure. I suspect the board because it handled far worse at ambient the the Rampage II (~2% worse). Gonna pick up more boards to confirm. Just as the last one I ran this one can't run the E5606, my best CPU for maxing BCLK :(

Also spent about 2 hours getting my good w3520 to run properly, but it only caused troubles. Gonna need to try that one again.

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On 10/18/2018 at 6:15 PM, suzuki said:

In your experience ,what is the most important for reaching max fsb on certain cpu/board ?

How do you know which one of them you maxed out,cpu or mobo ?

All my binning data is here (needs to be cleaned up, haven't updated the starting post in a while), but in short the following things appear relevant (as far as I can tell):

1 - max BCLK the CPU can handle
2 - max PCIe clock the board can handle
3 - max PCIe clock the board can boot
4 - max BCLK the board can handle
5 - max BCLK the board can boot
6 - temperature
7 - "baseline" BCLK of the board. Requires a CPU tested with as many different boards as possible. Tested at ambient lacking cold for some boards.

In these cases I had these:

1 - >=287 (unknown)
2 - 138
3 - 132
4 - >=287 (unknown)
5 - >=286 (unknown)
6 - dice temps with MX2, currently don't have a probe, guess -60°C?
7 - 266 (98.6%)

Rampage II Extreme:
1 - >280 (ran 283 before the x58a-oc got wet)
2 - 138
3 - 118 (this is what I expect to be the limiting factor here, together with #6)
4 - >=285 (E5606 did this much, but the valids failed sadly)
5 - 261
6 - dice temps with MX2, currently don't have a probe, guess -60°C?
7 - 269.65 (100%) (main reason I was hopeful in this board, sadly failed me)

1 - >280
2 - 125
3 - 126
4 - <286 
5 - <286
6 - ambient ~20°C
7 - 267.3 (99.1%)

Best 5 CPUs on "baseline board" Rampage II at ambient:

E5606 - 273.6
E5640 - 273
E5649 - 269.65
E5640 - 265
E5606 - 264

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