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Fasttrack - Core i9 7960X @ 5000MHz - 33sec 683ms wPrime - 1024m


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Thanks guys.

George ( Nachtfalke ) is sending out the unit soon.

It will be a good test for this enormous ( GORGEOUS ) 2 Hp SS unit on this interesting Cpu.

Bought randomly from a respected member here brand new at a fraction of the price sold in shops ( <1K ).

Showed true potential from the very start, running Cinebench R15 and Wprime 1024 at 4.7ghz with 1.16V on the core and 1.10V on mesh at 3ghz.

It is delidded of course and has a pretty interesting IMC - tried once 4k on my Galax Goc 2016 mem set 12-12-12-28-250-1T with tight as hell seconds and thirds and 1.88V on the mems

with only 1.2VccIO and 1.2VccSa and 2.00V on the input at 5ghz ( !!! ).

The f*cking thing did not raise an eyebrow, lol.

Don't want to really push without cold.

Thanks for the nice words,

We shall see :)


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