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Fasttrack - 2x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti @ 2076/1517MHz - 27545 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme


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42 minutes ago, Fasttrack said:

@aCHILL3US My brother, our schedule is moving on as planned ( God permit ). Keep pushing with what ? Water ? My 2HP SS from NachtFalke is not yet here, neither the chiller for the cards. Long way to go man, before becoming competitive again :(

the equipment could be changed or broken, just keep up the spirit brother!!! (love to hear that, fingers crossed!)

about the cropping, George is that possible that youve done the result with multiple monitors? maybe thats why is the screen like that.

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Yes Bala, always using two monitors.

But the mistake is elsewhere.

I am using ScreenHunter 6.0, which is one of the best utilities for screen capturing ( and it is not cheap too ).

This utility allows you to select the area that you want captured for the screenshot. So, it can be cropped, or one screen or both screens or whatever.

In this case, it is all my mistake. Being absent for 16 months, I had relied on the old rules and did not read the new ones that FULL SCREENSHOT is obligatory.

Never had an issue in the past, but things changed :(

So, all in all, lesson learned, full screen from now on.

Thank you and also @GeorgeStorm for bringing that new rule to my attention.

Regards friends,

George :)


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