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[FS-EU]i9-7980xe direct die,asus apex vi,32gb g.skill 3600,waterblocks cpu/vrm


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Selling because of a failed project,and just sits and picks dust.

i9-7980xe 3 months old, got it in august,delided and installed 15 mins after arrived :),used not more than 20 hours,did just some latency based tests and that's it.

it clocks pretty decent without hyper threading with ram at 4000mhz,it did 5.1ghz around 1.35v on water.

32GB g.skill 3600cl16 f4-3600c16q-32gtzr runs great at 4000mhz cl16-17-17-36

asus apex vi,bought it here on forum


cpu Alphacool NexXxoS XP³


direct die frame Delid Die Guard Cover Protector IceMan Cooler polished to make the die pop out and make contact with the waterblock.

I'm not unbundling,selling as a block,because everything is already installed.

Selling for 1550 euros shipped via paypal or bank transfer.








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To the OP.

When you make a listing, especially for such high end HW, it would be nice to :

1) CPU is Boxed or Tray ?

2) Motherboard comes full bundle or just the board ?

3) Some serious benchmarks. I9-7980XE without HT with 1.35V !!! on water. Really man ???  1.35V on ambient water ???

4) Where are you located - Rules of the Market Place - " For Sale to …. "


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junior-21- is buying the set.


2)comes full bundle but from a different apex,because i bought the mobo here on forum without nothing.

3)yes as i said i did some tests with no ht,because of the latency based tests,since then i didn't touch it,lost interest and it sits just like that.yes on ambient temperature as u can see the picture and around 1.35v which could be a bit higher,because now sits at 5ghz and 1.35v

4)it's clearly written EU

even Junior didn't ask these questions, and he didn't even remember that i bought from him a different 7980xe in December.

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