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[FS] 2 x 9900K !


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Up for sale 2 pieces of  latest Intel Core i9 9900k. 

Few of them were for sale in our shitty country so i managed to grab 2 and quick tested on water cooling, one did 5ghz cinebench 1.23 one 1.24 in any case very very close so i did not bother marking which one did what , tested on Maximus X apex with a regular water and room temp. No further test since this is clearly worser than what i have already.

Price is 625E per piece with shipping included in Europe, exactly what i paid in shop so i thought before returning maybe have a shot here and maybe some people will take them as the price is clearly lower than in rest in Europe and availability is 0. 

Payment via paypal or bank account. 

Only available this week, if not sold i will just return them to shop.





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18 hours ago, Alex@ro said:

Never tested on x apex but it should be about 1.15 smth like that. I've seen 1.3x volts on forums for retails so definatly these are decent at least

OK, I'm more interested in what would be a top overclocking one as it would only be for xoc, but thanks for getting back to me :)

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7 hours ago, Asmola said:

How much would you pay from 1.15v 5GHz retail R15 chip? PM if interested. :) Sry for borrowing your thread Alex.?

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@Achill3uS and @AutisticChris now proof if need.?

THAT is a totally unacceptable, rude and insulting to the OP, post mister.

If you want to sell your processor, open your own thread.

I would pay 1$. Now go ahead and delete your post.

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@Asmola I would suggest you read the marketplace rules - this is no search thread, if you offer an item for sale you need proof of ownership with a picture of nick and date provided. Apart from this, highjacking a thread is not welcome, take your time and create your own topic. And btw, if I see behaviour like this again I have no choice but revoke your market place access. Let´s play by the rules :)

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