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cnzdrn - Sempron 150 @ 6133MHz - 3373 points Geekbench3 - Multi Core

ale belo

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4 hours ago, I.nfraR.ed said:

Nice one! In theory sempron + ddr3 would be untouchable for a Xeon. Hopefully I will try mine soon, already have it running up to 450+ HTT with DDR3 board, just need LN2 :) It also scores much higher in other benchmarks ;)

You are right! With 6.3 ghz (450 htt your chip) i think you will get 3550-3625. You have very strong ram (gtx2 @ 6-6-6 based on your validation with m4a89gtd)

I tried cinebench r15, with 421x14,5 i made 152. Only one run with realtime, maybe can do better at same frequency.

Thanks to all!


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15 hours ago, unityofsaints said:

There is still GPUpi, CB, etc.

r15 definitely gains from mem on these chips, just a small gain. Got to remember that at 6.7 on ddr2 it's just a few points behind l3014 on ddr3, and at 6.1 on ddr3 the 150 is about 10 points away from l3014. Definitely worth binning 890fx boards to find one that can support 6.5+ on a sempron.

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18 hours ago, suzuki said:

This will make L3014 very cheap in the future. No way the xeon can catch a ddr3 run.

You can still get around 3500 with an L3014 if you maximise everything. This for sure isn't game over for the Xeon :) It's also almost impossible to get much faster than this with a Sempron on DDR3 because of the IMC limitations. All the same I'm really glad someone managed to get this fast with a Sempron, it for sure makes the game really intersting. I'm looking forward to the battle :)

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1 hour ago, bolc said:

that d be great :D
any sample taking dust on your cabinet to sell? :D

I am afraid to mod the cpu or motherboard :)).

will sacrifice a Ud3R which i have and works with ddr2,at least to have an ideea about what my cpu’s can do ,this are the only ones on skt 775 which are not tested.

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removing socket notches is easy, but making holes in the cpu pcb is fine too, but is a bit more risky for the cpu if you never did this before. the cpu is more rare than the board so you might want to do the board instead ;)
but but :D for a 3014, a REX is likely better, series 3000 are compatible with x38/48, so if you plan to REX it later, you may make notches.
as far as you need to go :

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