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mikegold10 - Core i9 7980XE @ 5151MHz - 5111 cb Cinebench - R15


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The motherboard is an ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE, for some reason hwbot did not accept that as a valid motherboard. The video card used for testing is an EVGA GTX 750 Ti. Notes: This system has [B]128GB[/B] of RAM installed, making the RAM very difficult to overclock. Otherwise, I would have beaten the Chiller submitters with my plain old H2O system. The CPU is [I]not[/I] a golden sample by any stretch of the imagination. It is average at best and could barely make a fixed 4.3 GHz before I "had my way with it."
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It doesnt matter either way the sub is illegal you have to have your CPU tabs open in the same screenshot as the Cinebench window not one shot for the cine and another for the CPUz tabs.

Read the rules.

Look in the Database for your board when you find it that will give you an idea what to type in for it.

Read the rules.


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5 hours ago, mikegold10 said:

@Mickulty, or before I beat the current world record by a mile, like everyone else does? Err, wait... no...

Fastest score with specific cooling isn't a "world record", you might as well claim a world record for the fastest cinebench score by someone called mikegold10

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