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52 minutes ago, websmile said:

DDR4 Hynix was only the cherry on the ice cream - I cannot remember any decent ic they made from ddr1 times and afterwards :D Let´s hope Micron is really back so we another contender to challenge Samsung :)

Would be nice if PSC start to clockin again :D

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What model is this node connector? I don't have any extra node cable and need to buy some where connector or cable to make mod cable to my ocpanel!?

On 4/15/2019 at 6:30 PM, dumo said:

OC panel



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6 hours ago, noizemaker said:

im afraid that there is no xoc bios for the hero

Dont need special bios for any of the board, some NON official bios change in minimal stuff, like more headroom of V without LN2 mode, and shit like that, u dont need XOC bios at all noizemaker.
U are having some issue with it?

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