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On 2/1/2019 at 8:19 PM, suzuki said:

I get code Cc on debug imediatelly.

I tyred one by one and 2 together,same code.

when i put a regular hof stick in pair with a goc oc lab they both get CC code and no boot.

My Gskill (both rgb and non rgb ) work well,the same goes for my non oc lab edition kit,works well.

can one of you guys try bios 0802 and this type of sticks?

clean up Socket and CPU PCB,  it will run again 😉

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Apex 11 for daily . (9900k @ 5000 offset voltage, RAM 4400 C19)

What i have noticed:

- restarting takes too long

- getting into OS from sleep takes too long

- running prime95 for stability test i've noticed that while cpu keeps 5000 on all cores sometimes one or two cores drop to 4700. ( non avx prime95)

Anyone else noticed that, and maybe knows a fix?

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Hey guys, need professionals help. I'm on XI Formula with latest 0805 bios and G.Skill F4-4266C17-32GTZR kit. Been working on stock XMP frofile with tightened secondary and tertiary timings. 

One of memory sticks seems died. I'm getting instant CC post code in each slot. Other sticks works fine.

There's nothing i can do right ? And it's warranty time ? Been working with this config for 3 month. Suddenly during 

game my system hangs and i won't be able to boot again untill find this dead stick.


5250_5050 1.341v 550GFlops LinX.341v 550GFlops LinX.341v 550GFlops LinX.png

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On 2/9/2019 at 9:27 AM, miker2ka said:

For ambient gene is enough. And if you use it for daily use and have more than 1 nwme, i would go for gene. You can use the m.2 from pch. On apex if you put 2 nwme on dimm.2 your pcie slot will run x8.

Correction, unlike the gene or extreme the dimm.2 module on apex is linked the the PCH not CPU.

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