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What is a Vega 56 Nano?


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What constitutes a Vega 56 Nano? Is it only the powercolor vega 56 nano? Or would cards like the saphire vega 56 pulse or XFX Vega 56 Double  which use the nano PCB also count as Vega 56 Nano since there's nothing besides the pcb that differentiates a nano? They don't even show up different in OS or have a specially marked die. As far as I can tell Vega 56 Nano is a duplicate listing for Vega 56 since it's just a different PCB made by some manufacturers and is still a normal Vega 56 with no differences in the die or memory. It's as much a different vega 56 as the liquid edition vega 64 is a different vega 64.

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