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Adding World Records - Loosing Points!


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Hello OCers!

I just want to tell you: Today I added 3 WRs and many 1st places with 56 cores / 112 threads at Dual Intel Xeon 8173M.
I have never used 56 cores before!

Funny thing - I've lost  70 global points and 30 or more HW points!
Adding results makes my points drop? With differentiation of platforms by core amount for HW Points?

Last time I added some i9-7980XE results I've lost almost 200 points, later I added i9-7960x and lost 70 points!
What the duck is going on with rev. 7 ?

How can that be? 
Also note - I don't get any info about that massive drops at my wall!

If adding results outcomes in loss of point than maybe I shall delete WR? Huh? 


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