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[EU] Athlon 64 FX 74, Cedar mill Chips, PSC, AM2+ Board, Watercooling gear

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Selling some HW that has to go due to accute hoarding:

2 kits of crappy PSC, G.Skill 1600 7-8-7 ripjaws fail to do 32M @ 1,7V 1100 7-10-7 --- 10€ per kit


ASUS M3A32-MVP, works fine, only board nothing else erazer can be removed if you want --- 15€+ Shipping

2 Pieces Athlon FX 74 for the Quadfather board (which I don't have :() --- 50€ each or 80€ for the pair


EK Waterblocks Supremacy EVO Nickel/Plexi, old Version without AM4 mounts, looks like new, comes with box and full accesories --- 25€+ Shipping


Mora2, one of the outlets is bent a bit and it seemed to be leaking a bit last time i used it, not sure if it's just the fitting ore something more severe, comes with 18 cooler master fans --- 50€


Aquastream XT usb incl reservoir #1 working perfectly --- 25€

Aquastream XT usb incl reservoir, retention clips of reservoir broken, working fine, no leaks ---- 15€

230V aquarium pump 2000l/h working fine --- 10€


If possible, i'll include working fittings with all watercooling stuff

Bunch of Cedar mill rejects all chips do between 5,0 and 5,15GHz hwbotprime @1,33V air but suck on LN2 to varying degrees, if not specified otherwise board was a P5E64 WS-EVO --- 15€ for the lot

Chip 1: Pentium 4 641 L607B297 MALAY 7,85GHz on P5Q3-DLX -100CBB/No CB https://valid.x86.fr/sz6p71

Chip 2: Celeron 352 5625B516 CHINA 7,85GHz 2,05V No CB/CBB https://valid.x86.fr/3h1sti

Chip 3: Celeron 352 5628B426 CHINA 7,7GHz Boot 2,0V no CB/CBB SetFSB doesn't work

Chip 4: Celeron 352 3622A752 COSTA RICA Can't boot 7,2GHz can't POST 2,0V No CB/CBB 

Chip 5: Celeron 352 3622A753 COSTA RICA -120CBB/No CB 7,7GHz

Chip 6: Celeron 352 3622A753 COSTA RICA 7,6GHz boot HY510 No CB/CBB


Some 87 more socket F CPUs i decided i'll never have time for (look at spreadsheet for details) No guarantee they work, but since they are LGA without any caps i'd expect them to --- SOLD

ASUS Maximus 8 Extreme --- not for sale anymore

ASRock Z170 OCF, never seen cold, comes with box and io-shield, somehow previous owner managed to rip off the 4 pin... Board works fine --- SOLD


Shipping in EU is usually between 5€ (single or dual CPUs) up to 18€ (boards with box) for international shipping please ask for a quote :)






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you should try cas8 on your psc. might still not be good but it could be better and more interesting for a potential buyer ;)

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I'm selling it at a price i can get locally for any 4Gb kit, it's just here in case someone wants to try some PSC on the cheap, not worth my time further testing it...

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Posted (edited)

Z170 OCF sold, added some cedar mills and watercooling stuff :)

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