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Bullant - Phenom II X4 960T BE @ 6140MHz - 787 cb Cinebench - R15


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9 hours ago, Radi said:

do you have cold bug issue after 1 or 2 ln² session with your chip ? after 1 or 2 session with my chip i can't go fullpot but don't know why !

Hey mate, yeah for me I have cb if I push memory freq "imc" to high, or have to high nb-CPU volts, you know the volts we use for nb freq.


So yeah if you have cb that can start at around -160 to -170 try lowering memory freq a little or try set lower nb-CPU volt the one we use for nb freq, normally once you get it full pot you can then push memory, nb freq and nb-CPU volts 


with this chip chip and psc I had problems to start with also, so I was 2160 mem with cb -165 had to drop mem to 2000 and cb went to -180....once I was full pot I could then push 


all my chips do it, just some are worse then others and normally lower nb-CPU volt alows me to go full pot, then can smash volts.....,also start with lower nb freq just to get full pot 



46 minutes ago, l0ud_sil3nc3 said:

Damn that ram freq!


Well done Bully.

Hey mate, yeah it'll do 2200 6-8-6-21......but with 5 lrts and trying to work CPU max out, thought not good idea to push memory lol


Great to see you around mate 

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