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A7N8X-E Deluxe as an alternative for socket 462

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Hi all


I wasn't lucky with Abit for sA benchmarking - they never survived more than a few days (had several ones, ones I remember were fully modded from moose83 and stock one from Ananerbe). I also had no luck with Epox boards. Many other boards either don't have mounting holes near socket or miss good/custom bioses. The board that was almost flawless for me is Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe - it has a bunch of modded bioses (thanks Scotty!) and I never had bios corruption issues with it. But it has a major flaw that is killing this board for most of the benchers - no 12V cpu power connector, so it uses 5V rail for cpu vrm. I was using external vrm to avoid this problem but this approach also have certain problems and is not always available for many of us. Anyway, with NB mod, this board is able to hit >250MHz fsb with tight timings which makes it strong alternative for NF7/AN7.

Yesterday I made a simple mod to power cpu vrm from 12V. All you need is to remove/replace stock 6.3v capacitors and coil, solder 12V rail from PSU to the input of VRM:



I have used 12V connector desoldered from the dead mobo and made a ground connection from connector as well:




I have tested it to boot 200x11 yesterday and the mosfets are cool (and it should be quite easy to cover these with radiator). Further steps are NB/SB cooling, Vcore mod, Vnb mod, Vdimm mod which are well known. I will also resolder a 12V connector to a different location as the above shown version was just the fastest one for testing purposes. Although the board is 2-phase design, mosfets are powerful enough (I was benching stock board with 2700MHz 2V barton and the weak point was the 5V rail of my PSU) so current should not be an issue even with higher overclocks. Anyway, A7N8X-E should be WAY easier to find and 5V rail issues will no longer be a limit. Good luck with this nice board :)



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Nice mod. Would be great to see voltage ripples with oscilloscope or at least compare overclock before and after. Have you checked temps of upper mosfets? They should be opened 2,4x times less resulting in more ripples. Could be tuned out with lower ESR caps and PWM overclocking (never heard of anyone doing this though :D).

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2 hours ago, Antinomy said:

Would be great to see voltage ripples with oscilloscope

Will try to do that with cheap 200Khz osc. Should also go with SS this weekend as all other mods (except cap replacement) are now in place.



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Okay, I have tested this mod. Setup is as follows:

Corsair XMS3200LL, 2x256MB BH-5 based - capable of 268MHz with my FX57.

Random A-XP 2500+

A7N8X-E Deluxe (3.5Vdimm via hardmod, 1.9Vnb via hardmod, 2.1Vcpu via hardmod) - ceramics/tantals added to socket and nb (this was needed to enhance stability a bit), small radiators are on top of cpu mosfets as they got hot (not extreme temperatures though). Air cooling for NB and ram. Bios used is 1013-1T from Trats with dfi 4-19 romsips.



I wasn't yet able to get full stability above 260MHz FSB with 1T bios but the board still performs strong and I believe is on par with tweaked NF7/AN7 on same settings.

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