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A7N8X-E Deluxe as an alternative for socket 462


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  • 2 months later...

New version of the tweaker. Started from scratch and ported all the functionality from the previous app.

This is a native one and doesn't need .NET framework, which results in much faster start up. There are several improvements and new settings, FSB slider doesn't do anything yet.

Source: https://github.com/irusanov/nForce2-xtreme-tweaker-vcl



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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

It's me again, beta 11 adds ability to set AGP/PCI frequency as well. It has most of the functionality I want.

It even has a better granularity for the FSB frequency than clockgen.

What's left is to add ability to save and load OC profiles, complete the CPU detection/info and add some options like "minimize to tray".



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Who's up to some auto overclocking and validating :D



This includes Auto Validation Bot and some initial code for configurable INI files.
settings.ini is included in the archive, but you can only control "minimizeToTray" - 0 means false, 1 is true.
There's no GUI for settings yet and nothing is implemented regarding profiles, but getting there.

None of the settings of the Auto Validation are saved, you have to configure them on each launch of the tweaker.

For now, there are some limitations I haven't been able to fix regarding of the detection whether cpuz has fully loaded.
So, in order to try the "bot", you need to first configure settings:

  • Path to CPU-Z -> select path to cpuz executable
  • Wait for CPU-Z -> time in milliseconds to wait for cpu-z launch 1s = 1000ms
  • Sleep -> time to sleep between validations. It is needed, so we give time for cpuz to save the file, recent versions are very slow in this regard, so you might need to even increase this value
  • Step -> tweaker will try to find the next FSB which is currentFSB + step. 0 is for auto and will take longest time.
  • Ultra -> this won't update CPU frequency and FSB in the tweaker, should be lightest mode

When configured, click "Run" and don't touch anything anymore. CPU-Z window needs to have the focus, so the validation works.
You can manually switch to another CPU-Z tab and validation should still work. Not sure if that would reduce the load though.
To stop it, click on "Stop" and close CPU-Z window manually.

PS: I think it is obvious that this feature would lead to a BSOD at some point when the limit of some component is reached - whether it is CPU, RAM or FSB. It goes until crash/BSOD or manual stop.

Also not sure if that would allow a higher validation compared to doing it manually, but I think it should, since it eliminates clicking on buttons and switching between windows. Either way, it's a fun experiment :D .

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