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Matsglobetrotter - Core i7 8700K @ 5616MHz - 15.25 fps HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 4k


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I am using these http://www.galax.com/en/ram/galax-hof-ddr4-4000-16g-8gx2.html DDR4-4000 CL19-25-25-45 1.4V.

Yes the timings are a bit odd as I have locked the first 17 and last number 34 while also locking the command rate at 1T and then let the Maximus do the rest on auto to see what would come out.  Primarily as I got too many 55 errors when using anything other than XMP.  Do note I am also using 2 of these memory kits thus have 4x 8GB ram.  Thus dont have one kit of 4 ram modules.

meanwhile my focus was with the dry ice and processor/bclk speed. Will check in AIDA64 what this weird timing does compared to standard XMP.


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You may consider trying just one pair of this mem. If you'd like Maximus IX Apex to mod, pm me on the community forum.

1t on 4 sticks is not easy.

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