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Dracconus - DDR4 SDRAM @ 3200MHz - 10369.4 marks MaxxMem

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April 7, 2014: Allowed version clarified ... So is this right? All submissions after this date must use version 1.95 or newer?



Kiss this one goodbye. Team cup 2017 ver 1.91



...and this one


...and this one. Cpu-z version 178.3 so newer sub than 11-8-18




Righteo ... the 4000+ scores are done 6Ghz + so you can see the pro guys used version 1.95

+ Another. Screen chopped. Cpu-z version 186 = too new. Done 12-11-18 in bench window?


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Finding more bullshit. Easy to do, d/l 1.91 from internet, I did it too haha

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