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FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k


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Hi Folks!
Hope everyone's well.

Selling off a couple cpus (bare cpus only, both have been de-lidded). Prices include shipping to US48. International shipping is fine but buyer covers. I ship on Saturdays only. 

Payment via paypal, BTC or ETH. Buyer covers fees.

1) 7350k $325
6565MHz r15 (2c/4t) / 6680 spi32 (2c/2t)
This is Luumi's old chip (check hwbot for his subs with this cpu) and good for LOADS of 2 core globals. Quick ln2 tests are shown below. That sloppy r15 alone is worth about 75 globals. Not a lot of new dual cores coming so this chip's a good one for someone.

2) 7700K - SOLD ($350)
6650MHz r15 (4c/8t) / 6868 spi32 (4c/8t :/ )
Decent cpu. Definitely good for quite a few 4c globals (for example, that pooptastic spi32 running 4c/8t (I'm an idiot sometimes hehe) with no wazaa and low speed/loose timings would still be good for around 65 globals). Got spi32 to pass at 6898 but system froze (should be do-able with a little voltage adjustment).








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Since Ocvt on Feb.14 requested I place the 7350k on hold for 4 days but has gone silent and has not responded to multiple pm's, the chip is now available again.

Feel free to PM with reasonable offers. Definitely open to trades. Atm could use a universal cpu waterblock (must have hardware for socket 2011v1) or golden (high boint) cpus (am3, 775, 1150, 1155).


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