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GWayneT - Core i5 2400 @ 3330MHz - 561 marks XTU

Guest GWayneT

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Guest GWayneT
Thank you, I have learned more then I expected to feel of my own self worth, that is a self rewarded, self accomplishments, and achievements. That I have learned, when know bye participation of appreciation for what I have had, have, and made available to me that I really enjoy more than anything I have ever been self involved in to find the value of what I like most, and by those that do as well, and that provide for me that I take advantage of when I have, do, and will continue to do so in the future. I am happy to say that I feel a lot better then I did, but I did not know I was so much of an airhead, when not thinking I was just an observer going through life, but get the point after reflecting back on my life to know, I listen as well as I hear, and want to say sorry for anyone I have offended with no intent on my part, I do appreciate all of you that make life rewarding, without any complaints from me, other than my own past mistakes, and on that I will end with a thank you for giving me a chance of a life time to be part of, and that is you! That's what makes a difference for me. Sincerely, Gary W. Tyree
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