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TerraRaptor - Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton) @ 2745MHz - 31min 21sec 688ms SuperPi - 32M


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Thanks all. This is rather a cpu clock limit as the board is able to run 260mhz with same settings and unlocked barton with lower multi. I should also try other bh-5 sticks (mine are dual sided, 4 chips each side - guess not the perfect ones for this board) and try higher Vnb (1.95v now - although I had gains up to 2.4v with previous epowered board). My expectation is 270mhz fsb 32M stable is possible.

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Vnb 1.95, Vdimm 3.5 (stock one is fed from 5v, so no need for external vrm - besides it's said to be not compatible with ocz booster due to protection issues), Vcpu + capmod for cpu and nb (added 10x25uF ceramics + 2x470uF tantals for cpu and 2x470uF tantals + 1x3300uF electrolyte for nb). Bios 1013 1t from Trats.

I have also done vcca mod - no difference from default 2.5v to 3.2v with single stage. Probably may be of help with ln2. 

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