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drizzleRr - X58A-OC @ 296.2MHz - 296.24 MHz Reference Frequency


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17 minutes ago, TaPaKaH said:

All that with six sticks of RAM, no slow mode and CPU seemingly on air? Ehr ...

I've talked to the owner of that chip before, currently trying to get in contact with him for more information. Would be surprised if it wasn't legit, he has been working on this for a while as far as I'm aware. Not sure if its not actually slow mode - CPU-z doesn't seem to show QPI clock correctly in slow mode anyways... 

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1 hour ago, websmile said:

6x2gb PSC at 2440 trcd 10? Sorry, I am no expert on x58 and memory limits but on 1156 and all other Intel platforms I know this is simply not doable

Its not just the timings that appear that odd to me, but the BCLK doesn't line up with the memory divider (2:8 in this case), would need 307 BCLK for that.


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i don't know why the ram freq does not match the bclk and devider and i am sad i did not check it before, but i seems like i have the problem with certain validations with this cpu.

Here are some validations with the issue


and one without


So i am sorry for not checking and maybe next time i will have a correct validation for that frequencies.

And for some people wondering, i am benching a lot of x58 stuff, but not posting some random results.

Currently i have 2 X58A-OCS, 2 Rampage III and one EX58.





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