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The official i7 5775c/i5 5675c processors discussion thread.


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This is the  i7 5775c/i5 5675c discussion thread.

The I7 5775c/i5 5675c are cpus for Z97 with a bit better gaming performance than the i7 7700k if overclocked.

Review Here

It's a good upgrade if still on Z97 without having to upgrade motherboard and ram to ddr4.

It's a low power cpu easy to overclock to 4.1/4.2 Ghz.The only problem ram overclocking is a bit hard,ddr3 2400mhz with tight timings is the sweet spot,going over 2400mhz you can end up loosing pci-e lanes and get worse gpu performance (depends by the motherboard),i managed to get 2666 working on the z97m ocf but will increase latency and lowering the timings won't change that much and won't boot cr1.

The cpu it's based on the same lithography 14nm as 6700k/7700k but it has a unique feature, the eDram 128MB as L4 cache.

The eDram was implemented to boost the performance of the iGpu Iris Pro,but when using a discrete Gpu it will boost its performance if enabled (it depends by the motherboard)
This cpu is a beast in terms low latency and gaming,games run ridiculously smooth,specially if you play on a fast monitor 144/240hz.

It's a nice little weird cpu to play with.




cpu-z cpu.pngcpu-z cache.png


Regarding the motherboards:

Asus motherboards:

First you need to update the bios from windows with a tool called BIOS updater for 5th Gen Intel Core Processors and have installed intel's IME,you can find it Here direct download from asus's website   you have to update this way because sometimes the settings set in the bios won't be effective such as core/ram/voltage etc.

On Asus motherboards to enable the eDram c-states needs to be enabled,all of them,plus there's the eDram ratio setting which allows to overclock it.

A quick way to check if the Edram is effective is to test the winrar bench, 10k points not effective,13/14k eDram is effective at 1.8Ghz and of course will depend by the core/cache clock.


Asrock motherboards:

The eDram is enabled by default and it works with c-states off which is great,but is missing the ratio setting to be able to overclock (currently in the works for the z97m ocf,maybe..)



I'm not sure,because i knew some users using them,but on OCN has been an update and it's difficult to search the thread,it used to be a thread gallery and it was very easy to search the screens.

If you are using one these motherboards,post info.


Post your thoughts/screens/questions all related to the cpu's and the z97 motherboards and overclocking.


will update  with more info soon

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Guess what,the guy just posted info regarding the desktop adapted 5950HQ and it has eDram,but on intel's website is not mentioned,means that cpu's with iris pro have eDram.

In the end is a 5775c for 165$ shipped,which is not bad.

you can read here: https://www.overclock.net/forum/5-intel-cpus/1583537-intel-broadwell-c-ownership-club-360.html#post27838956

Also forgot to post regarding the next gen consoles which have 1 Gig of L4,but still no info regarding the implementation.


l4 console.png

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i had 2x8gb g.skill 2400mhz c10 samsung

then 4x4gb 2400mhz c9 samsung

i had this kit too which i sold Geil evo potenza ddr3 4x4Gb 2933 cl 12-14-14-36 still losing pci-e, but i managed once to boot 2933

all tested on the asus hero vii,on old post i found from 2017 it did work 2600,but after it didn't,not sure..that time for ocn users it was discovery time ? then a Russian told us to enable c-states to make eDram effective.

on the z97m ocf managed to boot 2600 but the latency is very bad,and that's what only interests me with this chip.

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