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Wall posts not showing, but I get the emails...

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WhiteWulfe joined the team

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Mr.Scott Welcome home :)
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Aleslammer Welcome!!!!
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Bones I'll try this again...... Yes - Welcome!!!
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ksateaaa23 Nice. Welcome
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Fasttrack Welcome mate
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zila1 Welcome to the family
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avalanche Beamed aboard the enterprise :)
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ShrimpBrime Welcome Whitey!! So happy you joined our team. Hugs
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Sadly this is what my profile's feed shows....




None of the various comments people have left show on my end for some reason.  In Chrome while logged in, or Firefox when not logged in (didn't bother logging in on Firefox to see if it would or wouldn't).


Makes it a tad difficult to reply to such ^_^;;;;

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Figured it out.  For some strange reason, the emails say "left a message on your wall" and give a (non-clickable) link to your own personal wall.


.....All those comments were on the team's wall.  Any chance the emails could be fixed with some sort of clarification so you know where the comment is left? ^_^;;;

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