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[FS][WW] 9900K great air, 6850@ln2 !


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Up for sale another cpu binned from a dozen.


As i saw people are interested in watercooling results, cinebench on water goes like this:


5000@1.10 set in bios, llc 7 on Maximus XI Apex or Gene

5300@1.25 set in bios llc7 on Maximus XI Apex or Gene 

5400@ 1.35 ...==....


As you can see the temps are quite high so clocks can improve with lower ambient and better loop. 

On ln2 quick check cpu did 6850 mhz on Gene XI.


Not looking for low-ballers sincer i had some for other cpu's which simply does not make justice for the amount of pieces needed to binn to find something like this.


Payment via paypal or bank transfer, buyer can send as friedns or takes care of fees, price is 850E shipped.












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