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[FS][WW]Memory kits of Samsung B Die 4100-4166c12 super pi 32m

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Hello all,

I am selling some kits leveraging Samsung B Die. Details are as below, price plus shipping and paypal fee.

All tests are done with air cooling. Under lower temperature the kits may perform better but I don't have enough time to test them(and temp here keeps above 20℃ all year long which stopped me from testing them...)

Items are in China, don't know how much it will cost to ship international,  but should be a little bit more expensive compared with the cost shipping from EU and US. Tell me your zipcode and I will check the shipping cost.



Screenshots are as below. I tested them with different MBs (M9 Apex, M10 Apex and OCF M) and systems(XP, Windows 7, Windows 10) but the results should be similar.

#1. G.Skill 3600C16 TZ



#2. G.Skill 3600C16 TZ



#4. G.Skill 4600C19 TZ





#5. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#005



#6. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#046



#7. Galax OC Lab 2016 version, SN#069



#8. Galax OC Lab 2017 version, SN#010



#9. Galax OC Lab 2017 version, SN#045





#10. Galax GOC 2016 Edition





#11. Galax OC Lab 4400 Edition with black heatsink


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Bump. Temp got colder last night and I tested #4 and #10. They successfully passed waza pi @4166 12-12-12 on OCF M. Not bad...Will upload screenshot accordingly later.

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bump. I have a chance to test some of them as the temp go down a little bit these days. some kits I picked can easily do spi 32m@4166c12 with waza.

screenshot updated.

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bump.. I am facing account issue of paypal, will update account address...

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most of the kits are sold, thread can be closed. Thanks

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