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Vcore for the SC2643VXTS PWM controller is GNDSEN(Pin 6) to ground. Because GNDSEN(Pin 6) is grounded you have to solder directly to the pin(or try your luck with another ground point). 10K pot works great.




I'm pretty sure FB(Pin 7) is Vdroop. But I haven't messed with it yet. Despite the horrible Vdroop on this board. I might get around to it eventually. Nope, done with this POS(see edit below). Anyway, I googled the Vcore mod for this board first, and all I came up with was a guy saying he did FB to ground and it didn't work for Vcore. No mention of it working for Vdroop or not. But the schematic seems to point to it as a likely candidate. Either that or OUTSEN(Pin 23). I don't know...you tell me. 



I might also toy around with the Vdimm eventually too. If so I'll add it here later.

EDIT: Tried the Vdimm every way I thought it might be doable. Never worked. Killed 3 boards trying it too. Nice! ?

Oh well. Moved on to the P4P800-VM. WAY better board anyway. Should have NEVER even bothered with this stupid P4S800-MX. Ya live ya learn! ?





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