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rookie reporting sub without understanding

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"redux" has reported my sub for the second time. first time he has reported and i have explained him. no moderator attended to it. now he reported again. this is bizarre.

generally, i use windows in balanced mode with Amd Cool n Quiet on(power saving feature). so you will see only the lowest multi and not actual multi in the screenshot.(although you can see the range of multi in cpu-z)

without understanding this. if the rookies start to report repeatedly, it looks odd. some action should be taken against him. how about removing the option for rookies to report subs.......probably in due course of time they will understand what is what. then may be allow in future once they move on to novice or enthusiast.



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On 2/23/2019 at 1:42 AM, ksateaaa23 said:

see the screen shot and the frequency measured by x265 is  24* 207.7 cpu-z  (7-24)*207.69. hope you understand it.

why should i turn off balanced mode. is there a rule that says, you can't use balanced mode in the screenshot........


Yes, that was the intent of how the rule was supposed to work. Now as to if this is a matter worth reporting or if a rookie is just being petty because they can't understand how a community works...

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18 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

well to me the rule is weird as X265 already detects the freq the processor  will max out at when the bench is running...

x265 only detects freq on starting it I think, pretty sure I've subbed stuff where the freq is wrong as I've increased clocks without restarting x265.

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yep it does, but that already gives you an indication where the freq is at approx,... I think the Redux reports are more  related to how can he reach this score at eg 1600Mhz... 

Some benchies work better with e.g. C-states enabled... what do you do with all the subs that have slow mode on ? Or all of them scores that downclocked a few multies to be sure to save the screenshot....  If people report the actual frequency it was run at, I'm fine with it....

OC is never gonna be foolproof, no matter how many rules we will imply, people will always will find a way to circumvent

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Generally I keep all power saving features on while oc'ing. India climate is very hot (most part). Most benchs run in balanced mode then change to high performance and take screenshot. Only benchs I leave the screenshots in balanced mode are x265, xtu, GPU pi etc since the frequency is detected by benchmark. Now onwards I will not do that also. Take Screenshot with  actual frequency run in high performance mode to eliminate any doubts.

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7 hours ago, yosarianilives said:

Yes, that was the intent of how the rule was supposed to work.

clarity is important for a rule. bench was run balanced mode and screenshot also in balanced mode.  i am very much showing the exact settings the bench was run. i perfectly followed the rule. 

if for this i have to report submissions, i can report hundreds of downclocked submissions or submissions which doesn't show the clocks at which bench was run. moderators will have plenty of work.

how about giving more clarity to the RULE. add a monitoring tool to show the frequency to show if you are running in balanced mode or you are downclocking the multi to have screenshot.

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6 hours ago, GeorgeStorm said:

x265 only detects freq on starting it I think, pretty sure I've subbed stuff where the freq is wrong as I've increased clocks without restarting x265.

we can increase or decrease freqeuency even when the bench is running. not done for x265 but done that for geekbench 3 with i3 7350k @5120 can't pass it, so once it is reached 'lua' just downclocked it to 5100 for few sec (4-6) and back again @5120  with formula drive(came to know from one of the forums). looks perfectly fine. 

for all submissions add a monitoring tool( during the run), switch off all power saving options in bios & high performance mode in windows and hope for the best.............

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i will give an example of memory clock rules. what i found is nothing too clear about it except it says use the latest version of cpu-z etc.

ddr2 i had a sub with 786.6 mhz reported by M1RROR.  he says divider bugged and i was angry because i had all validations, all screenshots (upto 784 but i couldn't find that one. posting 773.3 screenshot) from 750mhz to 786.6mhz. then my captain mr.scott stepped in and said, 3:5 divider for ddr2 memory is bugged and is not valid for memory validation.

then i searched for the thread and found few from 2011-12. there was a clear discussion and they have removed most of the subs back then. now when i checked, i could find a few subs with 3:5 divider. may be they are doing it because of ignorance. 

this is an exception, should have been stated in rules. otherwise how people will know. i started oc in 2014, so how do i know what was discussed in 2011-12.



mem clock.PNG


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in built ohm has a problem. i have booted with 216 bus with i5 750 frequency 4320 and then increased the bus to 219 immediately. then ran few other benchs. after that i ran x265 wanted to see how good is ohm and it detects the bus only 216. frequency only 4320. also hardware monitor pro is open during the bench. you can see clearly 4380 is the max freqency.


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On 2/26/2019 at 7:19 AM, ksateaaa23 said:

Broken 3:5 divider real subbed as
http://hwbot.org/submission/3567472_bolc_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_805.4_mhz 724.68 805.2
http://hwbot.org/submission/3803401_gtxx58_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_818.8_mhz 736.65 818.5
http://hwbot.org/submission/2256644_draco_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_755_mhz 679.5 755
http://hwbot.org/submission/1055031_kawaboy51_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_763_mhz 686.7 763
http://hwbot.org/submission/3568889_andorria_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_796.8_mhz 716.4 796
http://hwbot.org/submission/3716720_nikola2704_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_731.8_mhz 657.9 731
http://hwbot.org/submission/3730771_goodman_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_740.2_mhz 666 740
http://hwbot.org/submission/2291002_masterchief79_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_709.3_mhz 638.1 709
http://hwbot.org/submission/2464654_holymicmoc_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_692.9_mhz 0  
http://hwbot.org/submission/3408001_skyline_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_668.3_mhz 601.2 668
http://hwbot.org/submission/3347804_critical_power_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_660.8_mhz 594 660
http://hwbot.org/submission/1087643_kio_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_661.6_mhz 594.9 661
http://hwbot.org/submission/3264333_ginger_nuts81_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_666.6_mhz 599.4 666
http://hwbot.org/submission/2521679_lennyrhys_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_666.6_mhz 599.4 666
http://hwbot.org/submission/2629981_speed.fastest_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_666.7_mhz 599.4 666

I've compiled a small list of these a while back but didn't bother posting it anywhere just yet. It should absolutely be included in the rules because the information on this bug is really easy to miss since its buried deep by now. Problem is that there is a second, not broken 3:5 divider and its impossible to distinguish the two from what I could see.

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