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PKBO - GeForce GTX 260 192SP @ 850/1220MHz - 138047 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Guest dwarf

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Dwarf, i didnt kill any single CPU since AMD Athlon Thunderbird 10 years back, especialy this one is 2 years with me, benched almost 500 hours between 1,55 - 1,63.

But it doesnt mean, that i recomend it to you, risk it yourself :) 

Avalanche - get out conspiracy lower

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... and no degradation of the processor O.o " where is the fits of laughter emotive " 500 hours 1.7v xD as if

Try that at home folks on ambient water cooling

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14 hours ago, dwarf said:

You are killing all of your CPU's running at 1.6 volts on water

If it scales with that much voltage it's probably fine. Not the first time I've seen someone running a 1151 chip @ 1.6V+ on water (though I can't say I recommend it).

Nice first place score. :)

@avalanche Any of the ambient cooling leagues will never really be "fair competition" because it's totally dependent on where you live. It's -10C right now where I live, how is it in Australia? 20C or 30C? I think that might give me a bit of an advantage.

If you want fair then join the Extreme league, you won't be able to complain since everyone can use whatever cooling they want.

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Where I live matey has desert climate. It can get very cold trust me -4c is just the start breaking water pipes

My gripe with him. Using a chiller for years yet remains Enthusiast. Everyone knows & nothing is done.


He laughs @ the rules. That name " Ice bucket cheat  " is all him. No one else  can easily get a  5.5Ghz bench going ambient.


This processor took his 8700K 1866. I get x2 runs & the water is heated. You all know 5.5Ghz ambient is hot & unstable + alot of volts.

PKBO does not have a unicorn processor. I've ran 7700K too, they get just as hot. All he has is a hidden fish tank chiller to improve scores :ph34r:

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I am not going to start accusing people of stuff because it won't change anything either way. That being said is leaugs being separated by cooling is a bad idea. Years ago when I had a gtx 480 I used a tec chiller that could get down to - 8 fluid temp and if I was doing hw bot back then there would have been nothing stopping me from taking that part out of the loop for the rig pictures. It would be nice if people where just honest but that will never happen. As for just joking the extreme league doing ln2 benching is expensive compared to water cooling and not everyone myself included can afford to do that.
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