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vccsa vccioa vcciod setting on Haswell when memory colck over 3000+mhz

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I have some question about binned hawswell imc over 3000+mhz memory clock.

CPU: g3258 、 4790k


memory stick:team xtreem  2666C11 4Gx2   and Acaper ares 3000C12  4Gx2  all base on hynix MFR

They did 3250Mhz CL12 as well(vccsa+0.2 vccioa+0.1 vcciod+0.15)

and what is the default voltage about these, vccsa :0.9V vccioa and vcciod 1.05V?

but if i want push high clock need to add some sa ioa iod voltage

I donnot sure how much to add, anybody give me some suggestion? thanks


ps:just binned them  on air 




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just run 3419 14-15-15  yesterday ,sa+0.3 ioa+0.25 iod+0.3

when I add some bclk then want to go 3500mhz ,cannot boot,  even sa+0.35V,maybe my cpu imc limited that 

will test on another MB to Confirm if imc is restricted this weekend


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