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2080Ti Lightning Z LN2 BIOS + ABX ?

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1 hour ago, Slovak_Killer said:

Yep, right now im having hard time getting abx+ln2 bios and i have several scores on LN2. I can say for sure u cant get any support. If u want to bench on water flash Asus XOC bios, works good on my lightning.

Thanks friend !!!

I will try Galax bios , from 400 W , and TDP of 120% or 150%.

Tomorrow it's coming soon !!

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I Buy one KAF2 videocard for 1 week and save the EEPROM , I have two Bios , the videocard has and another flashed after first benchmarking.


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7 minutes ago, Ximi said:

Take , note , be carefull .... I only has LN2 Bios from Customer MSI Europe.

Which bios version ? can u copy from gpu



13 hours ago, Random said:

careful when flashing bios, I read theres a bug where if you don't have fans plugged in (for instance if you watercool the block) it locks it into safe mode


I know, thats my thread :D just different nickname

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