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marco.is.not.80 - Core i9 9900K @ 6203MHz - 2710 cb Cinebench - R15


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Three things I've realized so far is:

1) the size of the pot should be considered seriously because the smaller it is the less time you have between pouring the LN2 and when you are a noob like me you are doing everything slower because of lack of practice/experience (which by the way, I suddenly have a new respect for those who do CPU and GPU at the same time and a super crazy amount of respect for those doing stuff like quad-sli!)


2) there is such a thing as too cold when you're a noob and all sorts of things need to be tweaked the colder you go.


3) As you've said - it's fun as hell!




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No turning back now! Now I just need to get either a bigger dewar (current one is 10L) or another one because just when I think I'm starting to get things figured out I run out of gas! Those things aren't cheap but feel free to point in the right direction - like - is there a website that sells pre-owned/second hand/used or is Ebay my best bet?

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